Milwaukee is full of local handmade treasures, and this week's stockist is no stranger to unique wonders. Sparrow Collective is tucked into a welcoming Wisconsin avenue, and we find it perfectly enjoyable to be part of.

After finding Vital bike tees on Etsy in 2009, Sparrow took over the existing Milwaukee shop which was home to local handmade wearable fashion. When they expanded to "all types of handmade and independently designed work from all over the US," Vital glassware was a valued (and extensive) addition.

The small up-and-coming neighborhood finds the store to carry "everything from printed tees and ties, to accessories, housewares, art and gifts. There is something for every age from infant to adult," and we love having them beautifully showcase our glitzy glassware!
We love Wisconsin, small artist supporters and our friends at Sparrow Collective!