A paper company may not be the first thought when thinking about where to find Vital items, but we are quite proud to have Donahue Paper Emporium as a Colorado stockist. They're card stocked (heh) to the brim with beautiful paper products, but they carry more than your average greeting card collection.
Bill Donahue and his daughter, Simone’ have been successfully running the family owned and operated business at their Centennial location for over 17 years. Starting nearly six decades ago as a corporate paper supplier, they've expanded and become more of a retail oriented organization. Bill explains that Donahue Paper Emporium is "best known for its wide variety of specialty papers, digital papers, handmade papers and its extraordinary attention to high levels of customer service," and Simone’ adds their selection includes "unique gifts that you might not find anywhere else."
That's where we come in. Only a couple years ago did Simone’, while browsing the internet for fun additions to the store, come across our Colorado pint on Etsy. Our colorful product struck her as something she'd want for herself, so she figured she'd give it a try in the store. 
And there, a fusion of paper, bike and Colorado enthusiasts was created. The 11,000 square foot store is decorated with 1000+ printer sized papers, 300+ handmade papers (so cool), gift bags/boxes/ribbons, invitations, tools and, of course, Vital products.
Starting with bike pints, their inventory began to grow seeing as everyone loves bikes and Colorado goods. They now carry totes, hats and apparel. Donahue Paper is also a wonderful example of our customized items. Their personalized tote bags are the perfect place to carry all your pretty paper projects.
Their creativity inspiring store is an ideal spot to stay for hours. There's so much to see gift-wrapped in this place! Classic bikes on cards match well with your old banana seat pint, or your tall bike on a tall shelf. Even comic books are in need of paper, therefore, super hero/villain pints have a home.
Whether you're in the need for some art supplies, material to write on and send to folks or looking for somewhere near you to buy Vital items, Donahue Paper Emporium will not disappoint. They are absolute rockstars, as seen below.