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    About Us

    But it is nothing, if not Vital.

    Our story started in 2005 when we took our first screen printing class. Brett & I had originally taken the class just for fun and to explore another creative avenue. It was then that our passion was born, Brett fell in love with the process and idea that he could print on whatever he wanted. From that point on our craft grew like wildfire and we launched our first collection on Etsy in 2007.

    We are makers of glassware, home goods, apparel & accessories that we print in our Northern Wisconsin studio. Our products are designed and printed with quality and aesthetic in mind for everyday use. All of the goods our team creates uphold a high standard to last vibrantly throughout the years.

    Designs are inspired by our adventures as makers and explorations throughout the Northwoods.

    We could not do all that we do without our Studio Staff! 
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