Your health, your heart, your humor, sometimes bikes are all you need for wholesome happiness. In the spirit of Christmas, here is all the proof you need to gear you towards great times and all the genuine feel goods.

1. It served as a tour bus and meditation while this musician traveled. His bike made him one of the coolest banjo players we know.

Ben Weaver pedals from city to city to keep his mind stable, his core toned and his breathing stable, which are all bonuses for being an artist on tour. His sanity rested upon the cycling routine of "Ride, eat, play music, sleep, repeat."

2. They make a breezy beach cruise an even more enjoyable experience. Broaden your bike horizons!


3. They present the chance to dress crazy, drink beer and PARTY at Tour de Fat. Look at all that happiness!


4. They create perfect opportunities to look super cool in front of your friends.


5. This Scottish guy's bike and a GoPro made him one of the most well known bikers in the world. Plus, think of the great things his bike is doing to his core.


6.  This lovely lady would never have reconnected with one of the greatest joys on such an adorable pink cruiser. Pure bliss in that laugh!


7. They make beers taste so much better. Bikes bond people with refreshments, traveling and community.


8. Bikes keep you at a safe distance and a fast pace away from wildlife. If outdoorsy folks simply rode their mountain bikes and enjoyed the exhilarating expedition, 5280 Magazine would never have had to warn people not to take selfies with wildlife.

9. They created a haven for all our favorite things and even gave the happiness they create its own hour. Bikes. Beer. Coffee.



See why we love bikes so much? You just can't help but smile when in the presence of two-wheeled joy machines.