Cooking and cycling have never looked better together. This week's stockist feature takes us to Austin, TX where SERVE: Gourmet Gadgets & Goods provides everything you need for a practical, stylish and local stocked kitchen.

The upscale Austin location gives a high-end and completely homey feel for anyone who is looking for creative cookware, bold kitchen accessories or the perfect gift. Since 2012, SERVE has been "keeping Austin local" with its products from local artists. 


Owners at SERVE aim to enrich Austin family lives "through shared meals [and] unique gifts." Bright bike-blazing barware, local Texas-grown foods, nifty electronic cooking tools and other gifts supply Texans with the ultimate cooking necessities. The staff keeps up-to-date on all things kitchen to create the most informed and pleasant experience for shoppers.

Chefs, cyclists, people who love Texas-infused items and anyone who generally enjoys the simple pleasures of a good meal will love stopping in to see our friends at SERVE: Gourmet!