Nestled in a cozy downtown Breckenridge cove, Wandering Daisy is stocked to the brim with homey gifts and local art. As our featured stockist this week, if you haven't wandered in yet, we've got plenty of reasons why you should.


With full intentions to retire in the gorgeous mountain town of Breckenridge, CO, Janice Wiggins fell in love with the previous Wandering Daisy, which was conveniently up for sale. Janice ended up being captivated by the store and took over ownership with her daughter, Kristen Murphy, in January of 2011. They also contribute to the ready-for-purchase items; Janice makes jewelry and adorable baby products and Kristen makes zentangle wooden letters as well as jewelry. 

Predecessors were close friends with Vital owners and were carrying Vital items in the store, and of the 100+ artists' work Wandering Daisy proudly retails, 40 of them existed with first owners. After acquiring more square footage for the store, Janice is able to carry a large amount of Vital apparel as well as glassware and accessories for all shoppers' needs. "We have a reputation of having a great bike selection," she proudly stated.

When the town hosted Breck Bike Week, Wandering Daisy decided to take the opportunity for a spin and have a tent sale that week. Vital bike pints and shirts sold like crazy, and now the store is on every cyclists' bike-gifting radar. (Kristen's husband even revamped his wardrobe with Vital tees!)


Locals love to stop by, and visitors make a point to come back. "It's good to know we have a solid following," Kristen says about having familiar faces coming back to the store every year. The mother and daughter duo at Wandering Daisy love to stock on new Vital items (hooray for eight wine glass colors!) and are constantly helping customers pick out Vital hostess and weddings gifts.

So after they did a lovely feature on us, we figured we would share the love and give a shout to the awesomeness that is inside Breckenridge's Wandering Daisy!