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    VegoBears - Venice Beach 4oz.

    by Candy People USA

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    Free-spirited artists and hipsters meet on meet in this buzzing boardwalk with colorful murals and a mix of old and new architecture. Life in Venice is full of diversity and life. Eclectic people meet on the beach for a morning stroll with a coffee or matcha in their hands and the organic food is everywhere. You will never get bored here. 

    VENICE BEACH SOUR– Sour Gummy Bears

    4 oz bag of a mix of sour gummy bears flavored with Lemon, Apple and Pineapple.

    Made naturally without any artificial addatives and the main ingredients are all sourced from organic farms. And don’t worry, no animals came to harm in producing these friendly yet so delicious bears.


    The natural deliciousness comes from organic fruits and berries.


    Green by nature – rich in colors from veggies, fruits and berries.


    Animal lovers – our gummies are made of pectins and starch. 

    NO GMO 

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