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    REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS - set of 3 assorted sizes

    by EcoBags

    Regular price$13.99 Sale price

    Who needs just one produce bag? Do yourself a favor and buy this set now, instead of coming back later. With three sizes (small, medium, and large) you'll be a sustainability goddess (or god) on your next produce run.

    Why cellulose? Birla Cellulose is made from renewable wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, and is 100% biodegradable (just like our 100% cotton bags). Birla uses a closed-loop process and environmentally efficient technologies that recycle raw materials and conserve natural resources. While we stand behind our 100% cotton line - as a 33 year old company EcoBags believe it is important to change with the times and utilize new sustainability techniques, and are super stoked to now be offering Birla Cellulose.

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