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    N°8 Carbon steel + Alpine Sheath Gift Box

    by Opinel

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    A duo that makes the perfect gift for any adventurer. Featuring a No.08 Carbon Steel folding knife with a varnished beech wood handle and faux-leather sheath that is durable, yet lightweight enough to adorn belt loops and backpacks without getting in the way, this set is all boxed up and ready to go in a wooden box with a plexi top.

    The No.08 Carbon Steel pocket knife is the knife that started it all. Joseph Opinel first designed and patented the knife in 1890. Originally distributed as a knife for farmers and train conductors, keeping the knife high quality, simply designed and affordable has always been the goal of Opinel. It's no wonder why we've produced and sold over 30 million units of this very knife in our 130-year heritage.

    + Blade Length: 3.28 Inches
    + Steel: XC90 Carbon
    + Overall Length: 7.59 Inches
    +Weight: 1.6 oz
    Hand wash only. Do not immerse your knife in water, as this could warp the wooden handle. Do not wash the carbon blade by running it under water, simply wipe it down after use. If wet, immediately dry the carbon blade with a soft, dry towel. Lubricating the carbon blade with a food safe oil before closing the knife is recommended (this prevents oxidation). Over time, carbon steel can develop a patina and may possibly show some corrosion, depending on use. 
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