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    Maple Grenadine Cocktail Mixer 250ml

    by Runamok

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    Forget what you think you know about Grenadine. If your only exposure is today’s commercial version your impression is probably an excruciatingly sweet concoction of corn syrup and chemicals that is vaguely berry flavored. Made with real ingredients, we’ve broken this bar staple out of its gooey, neon-red past and given it new life. It might even inspire you to revisit some classic cocktails. Traditional grenadine was actually made with pomegranate juice (from the french grenade)and sugar, and the taste was tart and fruity. Like most things at Runamok we took the best from the past and put a Runamok twist on it, creating something extraordinary. Our grenadine is made with pomegranate, lime, and maple syrup. Each ingredient is perfectly balanced so the resulting syrup is the ideal sweet-tart addition to drinks.
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