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    Lake House Soy Candle, Navy screen print

    by Vital Industries

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    Cozy up with this 100% USA grown soy wax candle featured in all natural scents. After the candle burns down the container doubles as an evening cocktail glass. Just rinse it out with warm soap water and voilà!

    8.5 oz soy candle

    The burn time is 50 hours!

    Vitals Signature Scents:

    + Black Currant Rose (All Natural) - Sweet and soft that fills your home with delight. The subtle scent of a dried bouquet.
    + Desert Trail (All Natural) - Calming hints of white sage, cedar and citrus.
    + Mountain Pine - A walk in the woods with crisp pine scent with notes of cedar leaf, cypress, and rosewood, and a base of balsam and musk.
    + Beach House - If you love the beach you will love this scent. This scent will remind you of sitting on your beach towel waterside catching some rays and enjoying the fresh air. Sweet notes of pineapple, coconut and peach with green, fresh notes and a base of sea moss.
    + Warm Laundry - The fresh scent of warm cotton that invokes feelings of home.
    + Lavender Dreams - Dream a little dream of lavender, cotton and vanilla.
    + Citronella (All Natural) - Bugs be gone. Inspired by backyard get togethers in Northern Wisconsin.
    + Unscented: Also available in unscented for those sensitive to fragrances or are just looking to add some ambiance in their home

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