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    How to Draw Awesome Vehicles: Land, Sea, and Air

    by Sourcebooks

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    Build confidence, encourage creativity, and expand artistic skills with this amazing collection of easy, step-by-step instructions for drawing the coolest things that go!

    Encourage kids to broaden their artistic horizons and get their drawing skills racing ahead as they tackle the wheels, scoops, cabs, and designs for tons of transportation methods. The impressive variety from huge haulers and luxury cars, to rescue vehicles and fantastic builders in this learn to draw provides hours of independent, artistic fun for kids to enjoy and gain confidence as their skills improve.

    Whether they love sailing the high seas or bulldozers on construction sites, this collection is a hit for fans of all things that go by land, sea, or air—so grab some colored pencils and get creative!

    This guide features:

    • 100 fast cars, air travel, and heavy machinery drawing projects
    • Easy to follow directions
    • Hours of creative, screen-free fun
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