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    Liquid Hand Soap 16 oz. | Made In USA: Amber / Lavender Woods, Glass Jar

    by Aimee Weaver Designs

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    This soap offers a luxurious, premium quality formula that is free of dyes, making it the perfect choice if you are sensitive to those additives.
    -Comes in 16 oz. Amber glass jars with a black plastic pump 


    Spa Day | calming, serene, lemongrass

    Lavender Woods | fresh, woodsy, clean, herbal

    Sea Salt & Orchid | soft floral, beachy

    Grapefruit Mint | zesty citrus, effervescent Peach Blossom | fresh, fruity, tropical

    Orchard Pear | pear, light musk Mandarin Citrus | sweet citrus, agave

    Tuscan Plum | warm citrus, dark fruits, musk


    Cinnamon Chai | spicy cinnamon, black tea, vanilla

    Vanilla Cardamom | warm, rich cream, unique

    Cozy Kitchen | banana nut bread, nutmeg, nostalgic

    Cranberry Spritz | cranberry, sparkling champagne

    Cypress & Berry | evergreen forest, bayberry, winter 

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