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    Earth Puzzle, Moon Puzzle, and Sun Puzzle

    by Bluekazoo

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    Take a trip to the cosmo with BlueKazoo's three best-selling puzzles. 

    Crafted from some of the highest resolution images ever taken of the earth, moon, and sun, these puzzles will provide you with hours of entertainment and peak mental relaxation. You’ll see these celestial bodies come together in stunning clarity, piece by piece. And while it’s (mostly) about the journey, not the destination, these puzzles will make pretty stunning wall art if you decide to frame them. 


    • 1000 piece puzzles
    • Hours (and hours) of fun to complete
    • Crisp, vibrant, high-res imagery
    • Precisely cut for snug fit
    • Includes poster for reference
    • Shape: Circle
    • Completed Sizes: 26.5”

    CLASSIC EDITION puzzles will come wrapped in cellophane and use a poly bag inside.

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