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    Box of 2 No.102 Carbon Paring Knives

    by Opinel

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    If there was only one knife we’d consider a must-have in the kitchen, it’s the paring knife. Smaller and shorter than a chef knife, paring knives come in handy for chopping up fruits and small vegetables like mushrooms. In the absence of a peeler, a paring knife is great at doing double duty on those apples ready to be baked into a pie.

    Perfect for everyday kitchen use, the carbon paring knives will stay extra sharp for years to come. Hand wash, and air dry to clean, it's important to keep carbon steel well oiled so it avoids corrosion. Carbon steel holds an exceptional edge and is known for its long lasting cut quality. The item includes a pair of two 4" paring knives.

    The No.102 Carbon Steel Paring Knife features a carbon steel blade, known for holding an exceptional edge, and long-lasting cut quality. But when using carbon steel in the kitchen, it’s important to keep it well-oiled, dry the blade right away, and do NOT leave it under water or wet to avoid corrosion.

    This multi-purpose knife has a smooth 3.75 inch blade that ensures a perfect and precise cut. The varnished beech wood handle protects against moisture and dirt, making it a durable product. Set of 2 paring knives.

    Hand wash only. Do not immerse your knife in water, as this could warp the wooden handle. Do not wash the carbon blade by running it under water, simply wipe it down after use. If wet, immediately dry the carbon blade with a soft, dry towel. Lubricating the carbon blade with a food safe oil before closing the knife is recommended (this prevents oxidation). Over time, carbon steel can develop a patina and may possibly show some corrosion, depending on use. 

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