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    COLOR WHEEL 1000 Piece Puzzle

    by Bluekazoo

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    1,000-Piece Round Color Wheel Jigsaw Puzzle

    As an artist’s tool, the color wheel is invaluable for showing the relationships between colors. But it’s also a work of art in itself—and its complexity and depth make it an irresistible puzzle.

    In the last year, this mesmerizing, 1,000-piece round puzzle has taken the internet by storm. Now we’re introducing the highest-quality version yet, with brighter colors, sharper lines, and the best puzzle board. 

    When you’re finished, you can frame and preserve it as an homage to artistry—or dismantle it like a mandala, transient and pure.


  • Crisp, vibrant color
  • Precisely cut for snug fit
  • Completed Size: 20” x 30” 1000 piece puzzle
  • Includes 2:1 poster for reference

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