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    Bread Knife Colori®, Stainless Steel

    by Kuhn Rikon

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    Long and sharp serrated non-stick stainless steel blade slices through loaves of bread and dices up tomatoes with panache. Sheath helps keeping the blade sharp and lets you store the knife safely. Cut food does not stick to the blade thanks to its non-stick coating. Comes with blade protector for secure storage.

    Super sharp stainless steel blade for simple and precise cutting
    Non-stick coated - product being cut does not stick to the blade
    The blade protector keeps the blade sharp for longer and makes it safer to store
    Warning: not for children - the blade is sharp. Improper use could lead to injuries.

    Weight 0.3 lbs.
    Item Width 1.3 inch
    Item Height 0.7 inch
    Item Length 12.2 inch
    Country of manufacture China
    Dishwasher Safe

    Chromium (7440-47-3)
    Iron (7439-89-6)
    Mangenese (7439-96-5)
    Phosphorus (7723-14-0)

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