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    Bittercube Trinity Bitters

    by Bittercube

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    Combining a proprietary blend of Cherry Bark Vanilla, Bolivar and Orange Bitters creates an all-purpose bitters style. This union is rested for more than a month, amalgamating the flavors to produce a unique variety of versatile, aromatic bitters. Trinity bitters have subtle citrus and floral aromas, with complex flavors of oak, dried fruits and vanilla.

    Select Ingredients: Wild cherry bark, Indonesian vanilla bean, fresh orange peel, burnt sugar, cinnamon, dried fruit, chamomile and jasmine

    Application: Old Fashioned, Manhattan and other spirited libations Ingredient

    Fact: Quassia Bark, an ingredient in each of the three varieties that make up Trinity Bitters, contains Quassin, one of the most bitter substances found on earth.

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