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    Bittercube Jamaican No.2 Bitters, 1 oz

    by Bittercube

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    We feature two types of Jamaican Bitters, which have similar ingredient lists, but the formulas vary drastically. Jamaican No.2 is bright and acidic, with grapefruit and hibiscus overtones and underlying spice notes of allspice, ginger and vanilla.

    Select Ingredients: Grapefruit, hibiscus, allspice, clove, fresh ginger, black pepper, peppermint, gentian, vanilla, cassia

    Application: Daiquiri, Margarita, Tiki, Punch, Mojito, Highball Ingredient

    Fact: A handful of hibiscus flowers are used in every 5 oz bottle of these Jamaican bitters

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