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Bittercube Bitters Variety Pack

by Bittercube

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The Bittercube Bitters Variety Pack provides a must-have assortment of flavors, much like a spice rack. Bittercube uses no pre-made extracts or flavors of any kind. Only real roots, barks, fruits, flowers, spices and herbs are used to create these concentrated, flavorful bitters. A dropper of bitters adds depth and complexity to cocktails, tea, coffee and seltzer. Bittercube Bitters also enhance vinaigrettes, marinades and baked goods.

Contains 1 oz bottles of the following bitters:
* Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters
* Bolivar Bitters
* Orange Bitters
* Jamaican No.1 Bitters
* Jamaican No.2 Bitters
* Blackstrap Bitters
This versatile pack contains an assortment of bitters flavors including spicy ginger bitters, hibiscus grapefruit bitters, woodsy aromatic cherry bitters, complex orange bitters, aromatic floral bitters, and cinnamon forward, smoky aromatic bitters.

Included with the Variety Pack is a recipe card featuring seven modernized classic cocktails.

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