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    Bee's Wrap - ReKindle Fire Starters™

    by Bee's Wrap

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    Bee's Wrap scraps repurposed as a natural, water-resistant fire starter. Perfect for lighting campfires, grills, fireplaces, and wood stoves, ReKindle Fire Starters offer a long slow burn with little smoke. Each pack contains starters for around 25 fires. Great for your camping trips, beach bonfires and summer s'mores! -

    Roll 1-2 pieces into a ball or twist into a wick - Carefully ignite and place onto your kindling - Once your fire’s going, cozy up or get cooking!

    Handmade in Vermont by a Certified B Corporation. Bee's Wrap is honored to have been selected as The Best Kitchen Tool in the POPSUGAR Wellness Awards for 2023!

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