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    Audubon Bird Call

    by Stemcell Science Shop

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    The Audubon bird call is a simple machine used to imitate and attract many bird species. The bird call’s sound is produced by rotating the birchwood cylinder against the cast zinc plug. By varying the pressure between the two surfaces while twisting back and forth, a variety of bird sounds can be accurately imitated. Originally conceived by songbird hunters in Italy, the bird call attracts birds by creating the illusion that other birds are in the area. Plus, the more you practice, you’ll also be able to identify birds by their calls. With the right technique, one can attract hundreds of species including bluebirds, thrashers, orioles, warblers, and grosbeaks.

    Each Audubon bird call has been handmade and individually tuned in USA since 1947. Included rosin capsule to maintain the distinctive chirp for years to come. Makes a useful keychain. See how many different bird species you can attract.

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