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    A Table Set for Sisterhood: 35 Recipes Inspired by 35 Female Icons

    by Sourcebooks

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    By Ashley M Schütz and Ashly Jernigan

    Take a closer look at impactful feminist icons through the art of cooking!

    A fully illustrated, wholly original feminist cookbook featuring over thirty recipes, each linked to a significant woman throughout history and from across the globe. By introducing these women through the medium of food – a dish related to their work, where they hail from (both in our history and geographically), and what they fought for– fuses the arts of storytelling and cooking while also celebrating feminist icons. Some of the women featured include:

    -Frida Kahlo


    -Ruth Coker Burks

    -Angela Davis

    -Julia Child


    -Amelia Earhart


    -Junko Tabei... and so many more!

    Published: May 2023
    SKU: 9781728256672
    • Hardcover
    • Size: 8 in x 10 in
    • Pages: 224
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