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    Sparkling Shrub Soda and Cocktail Mixer

    by Siren Shrub Company LLC

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    The latest and greatest flavors: Tart Cherry, Basil, Rhubarb and Coffee Sparkling Shrubs.

    Tart Cherry - Tart, juicy, and oh so refreshing.

    Basil - Fragrant, fresh, and irritatingly likeable.

    Rhubarb - Crisp, clean, and bittersweet.

    Coffee - Nutty notes of citrus and berry with a little extra flare.

     Shrubs mixed at the perfect ratio with water and added just the right amount of bubbles to make this canned, ready to drink beverage. This soda alternative can be cracked open and enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Great alone as a non-alcoholic beverage or as a cocktail mixer.

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