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20K Gold Antler Soy Candle


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Classic antlers printed in a 20K Gold mirror finish. This candle offers a down to earth design in a luxe finish providing a sense of warmth and sophistication to your home while keeping it lowkey. In addition after you have enjoyed your candle to the very last bit of wax the glass can be washed out with warm soapy water and reused as an old fashioned cocktail glass!  Reduce, reuse, recycle as we like to say.

Our hand poured candles are 100% USA grown soy wax and weigh in at 8 oz. The rocks glasses themselves are 11 oz. and are recommended to be hand-wash only so the mirror finish does not tarnish.

The burn time is 50 hours!

Vitals Signature Scents:

Cozy Cabin (All Natural) - One of our most popular scents. Imagine sitting next to the fireplace with notes of cedar, smoke, and pepper.

Black Currant Rose (All Natural) - Notes of blackcurrant, primrose & citrus, Sweet and soft. 

Desert Trail (All Natural) - Calming hints of white sage, cedar and citrus.

Paloma - Warm and sunny with notes of grapefruit, agave, and sea salt.

Mountain Pine -  A walk in the woods with crisp pine scent with notes of cedar leaf, cypress, and rosewood, and a base of balsam and musk.

Citrus Basil - Hints of lemon and a fresh spring breeze.

Lavender Dreams - Dream a little dream of lavender, cotton and vanilla.

Beach House -  Coppertone type: Reminiscent of sitting on your beach towel waterside. 

Warm Laundry - The fresh scent of warm cotton that invokes feelings of home.

Citronella (All Natural)

Also available unscented for those sensitive to fragrances or are just looking to add some ambiance in their home.