When it comes to local artists, this week's stockist has over 120 local and national artist in its Milwaukee store. The Waxwing is home to all things unique, handmade and perfectly giftable. 

Opening in March of 2012, owner Steph Davies, originally envisioned the studio space to be a personal workspace where she could sell her and about 65 local artists. In just four years they've grown to have over 120 local AND national artists in the store. What's even more impressive is they've thought of the most creative and rewarding way to further their efforts: a Kickstarter with Vital prizes


After finding and falling in love with Wisconsin state silhouette pint glass, Waxwing and Vital have been simply inseparable. Bright colors, all sizes, Great Lakes and bikes; they've truly covered the bases of their audiences' interests. Bike embroidered hats, shiny gold candles, road bicycle mugs, "they're easy to get as gifts for others or to collect for yourself," says Steph.


The up and coming neighborhood store in Milwaukee goes beyond simple selling, they know the history behind every item. With the Kickstarter campaign to support building their expansion (more space for more wonderful things!) Steph has made it a point to "create a space that inspires and supports the artists in our community." Even more, the new space will be host to local music and workshops for artists to teach. 


We love having a stockist who appreciates unique artistry, bikes and creativity. If you want to see the latest and greatest in local or national talents, this Wisconsin spot is where you want to be.