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    Tranquil Ocean Mandalas

    by Sourcebooks

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    Mindfulness, wellness, enhanced creativity, and stress-busting are just some of the benefits attributed to adult coloring books. Plus, they're just so much fun!

    Add to your coloring book collection with this exciting addition to the best-selling Just Add Color adult coloring book series! Tranquil Ocean Mandalas let you tap into coloring's restorative side with calming mandalas inspired by the sea. This gorgeous coloring book offers 120 pull-out illustrations ready to be brought to life. It also features a QR code link to calming ocean music, allowing you to have a truly relaxing, immersive, and creative coloring experience. Inspiring and fun, will want to run for the nearest box of colored pencils the first time you open this book! Once completed, perforated pages allow you to pull them out―making them perfect for decorating, framing, or giving as gifts.



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