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    The Future is Ours (Sticker Book)

    by Sourcebooks

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    It's time to express yourself and change the world, one sticker at a time. This empowering book includes 200 tear?resistant vinyl stickers for feminists with a cause. Illustrated by an amazing—and diverse—sisterhood of young artists, these stickers celebrate the fearless messages and icons of the feminist movement. The stickers are divided into difference subjects such as Friendship; Me, Me, Me; Fantasy and Fun; Political; Activism; and more. Stick them on your laptop, phone, notebook, water bottle, or wherever you feel like it. Your book, your choice.

    The future is female; the future is ours!

    Feminist Stickers to Express Yourself

    • Paperback
    • Size: 7 in x 9 in
    • Pages: 24
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