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    Preserved Dandelion

    by Stemcell Science Shop

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    Forever preserved in resin is the delicate structure of a dandelion seedhead, called a “clock”.

    Taraxacum is a ubiquitous wildflower in many areas of the world. Every part of the plant is edible, from its bright yellow flowers to the “lion tooth” shaped leaves of its namesake. The dandelion has spent around 30 million years evolving an impressive seed dispersal method to maximize distribution. Each seed is attached to a parachute-like canopy of fine hairs that allows it to glide in the wind. It also slows and orients the seed as it approaches the ground, and can even alter itself based on humidity to deter distribution until favorable conditions return.

    Inspired by the efficiency of this system produced by natural selection, scientists are now experimenting with dandelion-inspired passive drones that can be efficiently dispersed without batteries or wires. 

    Diameter: 2.5" Comes in a box.

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