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Olive Oil - Havaalani 1 Edition

by Oleavia
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Our Havaalani I edition is made from crushing the exquisite Memecik olives with Ayvalik olives, that has a smoother taste characteristic, together. As a result, this edition is lighter in its taste with a small hint of pepper and is perfect for everyday use!

The process behind creating this EVOO is very meticulous. The olives are hand-picked in late October and within a few hours, the olives are cold-pressed and sealed in stainless steel casks under a nitrogen layer to minimize oxidation. This process is important for producing olive oil that retains the highest level of healthy substances such as polyphenols, monounsaturated fats, and anti-inflammatory properties of oleic acid.

 Using this delicious EVOO fresh from the bottle, in a salad dressing, dipping sauce, or finishing oil, is the best way to experience its full health benefits and it's still perfect for pan sauces, marinades, and grilling. Give your immune system a boost by taking 2 tablespoons each morning!

We are proud to announce that our Havaalani I edition was awarded the Silver medal at NYIOOC, the largest and most prestigious olive oil competition in the world! 

Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvest date: 2020

Best by: April/2023

Size: 500mL (16.9 oz)