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    French/Italian Gentian Bitter Aperitivo Soda - Gentiana

    by Top Note Tonic

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    Critically acclaimed - NY TIMES mention in the Front Burner Page - 8/25/21 " Lip-smacking on its own, it is excellent with gin or white rum. " Florence Fabricant OUR 2021 BARTENDER RELEASE - Only 700 cases made.

    This Gentian Root Tonic takes us back to our roots! Inspired by Italian bitter sodas (called aperitivo soft drinks), Gentiana is delicious on its own, with a splash of orange juice, or mixed with sweet vermouth for a refreshing low-ABV spritz. Use it as a replacement for hard-to-find bitter sodas from Europe, or as a NA version of bitter liqueurs in a spirit-free non-alcoholic drink. Can be used in Negronis, Garibalidis, Jungle Bird or any drink that calls for a bitter liqueur. Not for the faint of heart, this is a true Italian-style tonic water. 

    This is sold as a SINGLE BOTTLE. 

    VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. Once this runs out, it is gone.

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