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Crown Beer Bottle Caps Oxygen Absorbing, 120 count

by Northern Brewer

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Make it easier to identify your homebrew! By color coding your batches of brew with our amazing assortment of bold bottle caps, you will know at a glance exactly what you're grabbing. Fits your standard, traditional pry-off beer bottles.

Your cooler will look cooler with some crazy colored caps poking out of the ice. We have them in black, yellow, orange, green, red, white, blue, and even ones with tiny American Flags on them. Just because they're simple and effective doesn't mean they have to be boring, so show your true colors with some colorful caps from Northern Brewer.

Fits standard, pry-off beer bottles. Do not use twist-off bottles! These caps have an oxygen-scavenging liner that can help reduce oxidation and staling. 120 per bag.

For best results, do not use an oxidizing cleaner or sanitizer such as One-Step or Easy Clean on caps. Other sanitizers such as Star San are ideal.

Caps are activated when wet and should only be wet just before or after bottling, do not attempt to store and reuse caps that have been exposed to liquid.

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